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Brett is tasting all the soup to see if it is done

Control, for smilers, can't be bought

21 March
I am a very lucky man. I live in the country with my wife, a cat(Luna) and a dog(Merry). We travel as much as we can, mostly up and down the East Coast. We love to camp from Spring through Fall. In the Winter, we focus more on indoor activities. My wife is the love of my life. She keeps me balanced and grounded, and we are happier now than when were first together, nearly 20 years ago. I love with all my heart, and I wear it on my sleeve. I am a very curious, free-spirited person who jumps into things with both feet. I am a poly, pagan, people pleaser. I currently have 2 partners and each of them adds something wonderful to my life. I am in the beginning stages of creating an intentional community of like minded pagans. I truly believe in the motto, "There are no problems, only challenges!" (Apart from Cancer Fu@k Cancer!) I am happy for each new day, and excited to see what will happen next. I also believe that WE decide what mood we will be in each day. When Winston Churchill was asked why he was an optimist, he replied, "I see little reason in being anything else."